Governing Bodies

  • Internal Quality Assesment Cell (IQAC)

Chair Person : Principal Dr. Dr.B.Unnirishnan Nair

IQAC Coordinator: Dr. H M Sabeen (Geology)

NAAC Convener: Dr. T.K. Prasad (Geography)

Chief Superintendent of Exam : Smt. A.S. Jaya (Physics)

PTA Secretary : Dr. S. Baiju (Mathematics)

Staff Advisor :

Vice Principal :

UGC Cell Nodal Officer : Dr. R. Jollybose (Physics)

Building Committee Convener :

Placement & Guidance Cell : Smt. V. Parvathy (English)

NSS Programme Officer

NCC officer : Smt.O. Leenamol (Computer Science)

Staff Club Secretary : Smt. S. Sreela (Physics)

Grievance & Redresial Cell Convener : Smt. S. Sunitha ( Sanskrit)

PTA Vice President : Sri. V.Vimaldas

College Union Chairman : Anandhu Mohan

Senior Superintendent : Sri. K. Ajithkumar

Head Accountant : Smt. L.Sheeba

Alumni Member : 1) Sri. Anu.S.Nair, ADM 2) Sri. Anzar Azad

3) Smt. S. Sreeja 4) Dr. Ragul Subin

Eminent Person in the Society/Industrialis/Stakehoder : Dr. D. Nandakumar Rtd. HOD

  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)

Convener: Dr.T.K. Prasad (Geography)

Dr. R. Priya (Computer Science)

Sri. B. Sudheer. ( Chemistry)

Smt. Josna Rajan (English)

Smt. S.Sreela (Physics)

Sri. Higgins Robert (Geography)

Dr. Anne Philip ( Statictics)

Dr. A.Radhika (Biochemistry)

Dr. P.S. Jairani (Biotechnology)

Smt. Smitha.D.G (Botany)

Dr. Ragul Subin (Zoology)

  • College Council

Council Secretary: Smt. Josna Rajan (English)

The College Council shall consist of the Principal, the Head of Departments of each subject of study and elected members from the teaching staff.The Principal shall be the exofficio President of the Council. The Council shall appoint one of the members as Secretary. The member so appointed shall hold office for one year but shall be eligible for re-election.

  • Purchase Committee

Convener: A S Jaya (Physics)

All HODs

Vice Principal

Senior Superintendent

Head Accountant

  • Building Committee


Convener: Dr. S. Baiju (Mathematics)

Vice Principal

Representative of Affiliating University: Joint registrar, University of Kerala

Representative of PWD: Assistant Engineer, Sri. Sivakumar

PWD Architect: Sri. Aleef

PTA Secretary :

Senior Superintendent

Head Accountant

IQAC/NAAC convener

  • Admission Committee

Convener : Dr. H M Sabeen (Geology)

  • College Union

Members :

Staff Advisor to College Union: Dr. T.K. Prasad (Geography)

Staff Editor to College Magazine: Smt. Ashwini Ashok (French)

  • College Website

Nodal Officer: Dr. H M Sabeen (Geology)

Sri. Kumaresan.K (Computer science)

  • RUSA

Coordinator: Sri Binoy. K R (Botany)

  • Alumini

Student Alumni

Coordinator: Sri Higgins Robert Geography), Smt. Sreeja.S (Computer Science)

Staff Alumni

Coordinator: Smt. A.S. Jaya (Physics), Smt. S. Sreela (Physics)

  • Discipline Committee

Convenor: Sri Rajeevkumar. R (Geography)

  • Canteen Committee

Convenor: Dr. Ragul Subin (Zoology)

Dr. T.K. Prasad(Geography)

Sri. Jayram.V.S (Zoology)

Vidhya.N.P ( Computer Science)