Dr. A. SAFIYA BEEVI, M.Sc. (Mathamatics), B.Ed, Ph.D

Department of Arabic

  1. ANAS.A., M.A, NET                                          Guest Lecturer

Department of Biochemistry

  1. SINI.H, M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D                                Assistant Professor
  2. RADHIKA.A, M.Sc., Ph.D                                   Assistant Professor
  3. BOBAN.PT., M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D                        Assistant Professor
  4. DHANYA.C.R., M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D                   Assistant Professor

Department of Biotechnology

  1. JAIRANI. P.S, M.Sc.,  Ph.D                                Assistant Professor
  2. SOUMYARANI. V.S, M.Sc., Ph.D                       Assistant Professor

Department of Botany

  1. SMITHA.D.J, M.Sc.,  Ph.D                                 Assistant Professor
  2. BINOY.K.R, M.Sc, NET                                      Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

  1. SANTHOSH.S MSc.,Ph.D,NET, B.Ed                Associate Professor
  2. KSHAMA. V. DAS MSc.,Ph.D, NET                   Associate Professor
  3. SREEKALA, MSc.,M.Phil NET, B.Ed                 Assistant Professor
  4. PAULCY RANI P.R, MSc., NET, B.Ed,               Assistant Professor
  5. ASHA. A, MSc.,NET, B.Ed,SET                         Assistant Professor
  6. ASHA. S, MSc. M.Phil, B.Ed, NET,                    Assistant Professor
  7. Smt.                                                                    Guest Lecturer

Department of Computer  Science

  1. TINA ELIZABETH MATHEW, M.Sc, NET           Assistant Professor
  2. VIDHYA. N.P, MCA, NET                                    Assistant Professor
  3. PRIYA. R, MCA,M.Phil, NET                              Assistant Professor
  4. KUMARESAN. K, MCA, MBA, NET                   Assistant Professor
  5. SREEJA. S, MCA,M.Phil, NET                           Assistant Professor
  6. ANJU.T.E, M.Sc, NET                                         Assistant Professor
  7. SREEREKHA. V.K, M.Sc, NET                           Guest Lecturer
  8. SREEREKHA. V.K, M.Sc, NET                           Guest Lecturer

Department of English

  1. SARITA.G, M.Sc, NET                                        Assistant Professor
  2. M.Sc, NET                                                          Guest Lecturer
  3.  M.Sc,, NET                                                        Guest Lecturer

Department of French

  1. ASHWANI, M.A, NET                                       Assistant Professor

Department of Geography

  1. PRASAD. T.K, M.Sc, Ph.D.                               Assistant Professor
  2. REEJO. R.J, M.Sc, B.Ed, NET                          Assistant Professor
  3. ANEESH                                                            Guest Lecturer
  4. SNEHA                                                               Guest Lecturer

Department of Geology

  1. SABEEN. H.M, M.Sc, Ph.D. MBA                      Assistant Professor

Department of Hindi

  1. RAKHI BALAGOPAL, M.A, Ph.D.                     Assistant Professor

 Department of Malayalam

  1. SREEKUMAR.S , M.A, Ph.D.                           Associate Professor

 Department of Mathematics

  1. HARITHA VIJAY, M.Sc, NET.                             Assistant Professor
  2. BAIJU.S, M.Sc, Ph.D                                         Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Education

  1. XAVIOUR G, MPE, NET,Ph.D.                           Assistant Professor

Department of Physics

  1. JAYA.A.S, M.Sc                                                  Associate  Professor
  2. SREELA.S, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed                        Associate  Professor
  3. JOLLY BOSE.R, M.Sc, Ph.D, B.Ed                    Assistant Professor
  4. DEEPTHI S. NAIR , M.Sc., NET                        Assistant Professor
  5. SARATHKUMAR. M.S  M.Sc., NET                  Guest Lecturer
  6. PREETHA.S    M.Sc., NET                                Guest Lecturer
  7. Dr. RESMI.V, M.Sc.,Ph.D,  NET                        Guest Lecturer

Department of Sanskrit

  1. SUNITHA.S, M.A, NET.                                   Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics

  1. SAJEEVKUMAR. N.K, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D , NETAssistant Professor
  2. ANN PHILIP                                                         Assistant Professor
  3. ANJANA                                                               Assistant Professor

Department of Tamil

  1. DHANYA.V.S., M.A, Ph.D.                                  Assistant Professor

Department of Zoology

  1. JAYARAM.V.S. M.Sc,                                           Assistant Professor
  2.                                                                              Guest Lecturer